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About Lilly's story

Lilly was a happy playful 9 month old kitten whose life was ended tragically after seeking medical help from a vet. She was in our lives for a very short time but brought us joy every single day we knew her. She would insist on washing you and grabbing your hand to get you to stroke her if you stopped doing so. She was very vocal and loved to call out to you. She was genuinely pleased to see you when you came home and not just waiting for you to give her food! I have never known a cat like her before and probably never will ever again.

The purpose of this site is to allow you to see what treatment and care was given to Lilly and the response and claims made by the treating vet and that practice after we questioned and complained about her care and her death.

 We do not want any other animals to suffer the way Lilly did or to be misinformed by professionals the way we feel we were.

This is not a witch hunt nor is it intended to give unfair or inaccurate information .It is a web site set up to give a fair and honest account of what happened to Lilly .This is so the public can then read her story, see the posted evidence and form their own opinion which we are all entitled to do.
Preventing such and denying us of this right of freedom of speech or written text and information prevents us from making informed choices about the services and products we as consumers then choose. A right any democratic country claims to allow and freely encourage without the person facing the risk of persecution or prosecution. Freedom of information and a right to make informed choices on that information should be every person’s right .Poor or below standard service, treatments or products must be allowed to be discussed openly without the fear of a company or business threatening to sue you, as such should surely be seen as burying the truth and gagging the public just like a dictatorship state does!

We hope that after reading Lilly’s Story you will support us on face book and help us to start a campaign for change in the way our pets and animals are treated.

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